How to Move Abroad from the UK


How to Move Abroad from the UK

Moving Abroad from the UK is a dream for many, but how can you make this dream a reality? In our latest moving article, we look at the research involved in moving abroad, how much it costs, and outline the entire moving process from start to finish, ensuring the customer is involved every step of the way!

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Move Abroad from the UK and experience stunning European Architecture

Step 1 - Research

How to Move Abroad from the UK

It’s all very well and good wanting to move somewhere with more sun than the UK, but there’s a lot more to consider when moving abroad from the UK.

Firstly you’ve got to examine the Visa and Residency requirements for your chosen country. What type of VISA are you looking for? A work VISA, student or family VISA? Each have their own set of requirements depending on your current situation and every country is slightly difference with their requirements. Take a look at the application process itself, the required documents and the associated costs involved in the process. Moving isn’t cheap, but we can help with a full packing service to make things that little bit easier!

You may also find yourself having to obtain a residency permit depending on the country, so be sure to check the requirements of country you’ve chosen to relocate to!

One big factor that people forget to include in their planning is the cost of living in their chosen country. Although the cost of living has increased in the UK over the past few years, it’s worth checking to see how your destination country stacks up against the UK’s current cost of living. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase outright, check to see how the rental and housing market compares to back home. Is it within budget, or are you going to have to make some sacrifices?

Whether you're moving for sun or sea, do your research before you move!

Consider the cost of utilities too. Many countries within Europe charge more than the UK for water, so check how these costs compare as well as the costs for electricity, gas and the internet.

Other costs to think about when moving abroad from the UK are things like groceries and dining. Unlike the UK, many countries operate a tipping system that needs to be factored in when thinking about eating costs. Also think about transportation once you’ve moved. Many people don’t ship their car abroad due to costs, so if you’re moving to a city, then look at the costs of public transport or renting a car.

Check out the Public Transportation options for your chosen country

Have you considered how you’re going to earn a living whilst you’re abroad? Many people choose to move abroad solely for work, in which case a work permit will be easy to obtain. However, if you’ve not got a job lined up you’ll need to do your research and find out not only what jobs are available in your chosen field, but how does the annual salary compare to the UK equivalent?

In the UK, we’re very luck to have the National Health Service to take care of us when we’re ill. Unfortunately, there are many countries around the world without a public healthcare system. Do your research and consider taking out health insurance if a public healthcare system isn’t available in your desired country.

Although the most common language in the Western World is English, if you’re moving somewhere where English isn’t the primary language, you’re going to struggle! You’ve also got to consider any cultural differences in your new home country. There may be some cultural norms and practices you’ll not be aware of until you move there, so always have an open mind and be considerate of the differences between cultures.

Lastly you need to research what the quality of life is like in your desired country. It’s pointless moving to somewhere new if the work/life balance is worse than back in the UK! So find out the general working hours and how they compare to back home before you make your decision.

Step 2 - Choose a Removal Company

How to Move Abroad from the UK

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So you’ve done all the research, got yourself a VISA and a job in your chosen country. Now you have to choose a removal company to take care and transport all of your belongings to your new home. So where to start?

Start by choosing a network of movers, not a local man and van. You want a removal company that has experience moving to your chosen country. If you’re moving abroad from the UK, then we can recommend using a member of the Euromovers group or the International Association of Movers. Euromovers, with it’s head office in Germany, are a network of over 70 movers around the globe, all of which strive to give the same level of care and attention regardless of what country you’re moving from or to.

Ensure that the mover you’ve chosen has completed a full inventory before giving you a cost. Many movers base their costs on the size of the property, not the actual volume of goods to be moved. That’s why a pre-removal survey is essential. Not only will the surveyor be able to accurately measure the volume, but they will also be able to look at things like access to the property and parking restrictions.

Once you’ve got your removal quote, be sure to check the insurance on the job. There are varying types of insurance on offer, from super cover, standard cover and restricted cover. Be sure that your removal company explains these and offers you all 3 options before making your removal booking.

Step 3 - Booking

How to Move Abroad from the UK

When moving abroad from the UK, we’d always recommend you get at least 2, preferably 3, moving quotes. That way you can compare them together and pick out the one that suits your situation the best. It’s not always the cheapest quote either!

Removal companies that are part of the Euromovers group take care of all the paperwork when moving abroad from the UK, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is choose what level of insurance to take, and if you’d like to take the packing service. Be sure to check the delivery schedule as well, some shipping services run a slower part-load service, which may delay the delivery of your goods to your new home. 

As is standard practice for all BAR and Euromover members, we take payment upon booking. As a BAR member all of our moves are backed by the Advanced Payment Guarantee. So in the unlikely event of us not being able to complete your move, another BAR member must step in to complete the job. Thus ensuring that the time frames given to you in the quote are adhered to.

Loading industry standard Wooden Storage Containers for a Truck bound for France.

Step 4 - Packing

How to Move Abroad from the UK

If you’ve not chosen to take our bespoke packing service, then you’ll have a lot of decluttering to organising to do!

Whether you’ve had a virtual survey, or an in-person survey from one of our surveyors, they will produce a volume in ft³. You can use this volume to calculate exactly how many boxes are required, or your removal surveyor will be able to tell you how many and what size of boxes to use.

We’d also suggest sorting and organising your belongings before the packing begins. Set out 3 piles, one for items to keep, one for items to bin and another for items to be donated. With any luck this will get rid of a fair few items and reduced the volume that needs to be shipped abroad.

Be sure to keep all important documents such as passports, visas and financial documents in a safe place, or a dedicated box. These will be required when you first make entry to your new home abroad.  Remember, depending on the country you may be charged a percentage of the value of goods you being into the country. So the less you can bring, the less you’ll pay in import taxes!

Loading boxes into Euromovers truck bound for Copenhagen!

Step 5 - Moving Day!

How to Move Abroad from the UK

With everything packed up, insurance in place, and moving day coming up fast, it’s best to go through our moving checklist to ensure you’ve not forgotten anything!

Once you’ve completed the checklist you should be in a position to get moving! Your chosen removal company will give you a time when their crew will arrive at your property. If you’ve selected the packing service the crew may be there early in the morning, or even a day or two before the move, in order to get everything packed up.

If you’re moving overseas, then your goods will be packed into either a 20ft, or a 40ft shipping container. These can hold over 1500ft³ and more than 3000ft³ respectively. At Euromovers we have a dedicated port truck with skeletal trailer. This is used to transport the shipping containers directly to the port and onto the ship without the need for a middle man. This is not only convenient and saves time, it also saves the customer money!

Once at your property our expert team of removal men will firstly do a walk round of the property. Any large or abnormal items will be noted before a loading plan is created.

All of our removal trucks carry at least 2 sets of ramps. These will be setup against either the shipping container or removal truck to allow easy access for loading. Generally the boxes are all loaded in first. Our removal boxes all share the same footprint, and only vary in height, so stacking them is easy and allows them to be stacked to the roof of shipping container.

Our team of experts make moving abroad look easy!

If you’re moving overseas, you’ll see one of our movers doing a live inventory, as the boxes are loaded into the container. Each item or box must be accounted for in this inventory, and is given their own unique shipping label which correlates to the inventory.

Once the boxes are loaded, and any abnormal or large items are tied in, the shipping container will be closed and a tamper-proof customs tag will be put in place. This won’t be cut off until the container reaches it’s final destination to ensure nobody has tampered with it during the journey. A photograph will be then taken of the tag in place. Once the inventory is signed off, your goods will set sail for their new home abroad!

Hopefully after reading this article we’ve made moving abroad from the UK that little bit easier, but if you have any questions regarding moving abroad, then don’t hesitate to give us a call or get in touch via email.

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