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At Euromovers Scotland, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses relocate both inside the UK and abroad for decades, meaning you can trust that we have the required experience and training to keep your valuables safe and secure. Plus, we can pack your belongings using the most suitable supplies, handle all aspects of transportation and safely unload your items at your new location. Call us today to find out how our long distance movers can help you ship your goods overseas.

From a small single shipment to large shipping containers, Euromovers can ship almost anything from port to port, country to country. We also provide a full packing service that can protect even the most awkward of items when being transported across the high seas.

Whether you’re expanding into new international markets or just moving into your dream home abroad, you can feel confident that our movers can safely transport your belongings and equipment. Plus, if time is of the essence, you’ll be glad to know that we can arrange cost-effective air freight removals. Alternatively, if you’d rather minimise costs wherever possible, we’ll ship your goods for an affordable price.

Worldwide Destinations

A comprehensive range of Worldwide Shipping Destinations

Container Shipping

With our port truck we can easily collect or deliver containers directly from the port.

Swift Delivery

With our network of over 70 movers worldwide, we can deliver your goods quickly and securely.


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Making International Shipping Easy!

At Euromovers Scotland, we’re fortunate enough to have our very own dedicated port truck. This means we can cut out the middle man and deliver or collect shipping containers directly from the docks. We can then pass on this saving to our customers!

Furthermore, our international shipping services extend far beyond local logistics. Leveraging our dedicated port truck, Euromovers Scotland ensures seamless connections to global shipping networks, facilitating the smooth transit of goods across continents. Whether it’s importing goods from overseas suppliers or exporting products to international markets, our streamlined approach minimizes delays and maximizes efficiency. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, we not only optimize delivery times but also offer cost-effective solutions, ultimately enhancing value for our customers.

With Euromovers Scotland, your cargo is in capable hands, navigating the complexities of international shipping with precision and reliability.

dedicated port truck
Our Dedicated Port Truck

International Vehicle Shipping

Shipping cars abroad requires meticulous planning and expertise to ensure the safe and timely delivery of vehicles to their destination. At Euromovers Scotland, we specialize in international car shipping, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading practices, we provide secure loading, transport, and unloading services for vehicles of all types, from luxury cars to commercial fleets. Our team of experienced professionals manages every aspect of the process, from handling customs documentation to coordinating with shipping carriers, to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Whether you’re relocating internationally or exporting vehicles for sale, trust Euromovers Scotland to deliver your cars abroad with precision and care.

Shipping a Ford Model T
Shipping a Classic Ford Model T to America

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the volume, destination and your preference. We can ship goods by sea in a sole use shipping container or for smaller shipments we offer a shared container service where you only pay for the space you utilise. We can also ship goods by air for a quicker transit time.

The transit time depends on your volume, the destination country and the method of shipment. Transit times can vary between 1-14 weeks typically.

We offer different levels of Marine Insurance cover. Super cover is offered at 3% of your declared value, Standard cover is offered at 2.5% of declared value and restricted cover is offered at 2% of your declared value.

Yes we can ship anything from a single box to a full house of furniture and personal effects. Why not try our app and send us a picture of the item you need shipped for an easy quote.

Yes we can ship cars and motorbikes either with your household goods or separately. We use specialist equipment to load and secure vehicles in the shipping container and can over case vehicles if required.

Economical Moving

Committed to keeping costs & CO2 levels low.

We always try and combine groupage items to ensure every shipment has the best value in terms of cost and time on the water.

We Adhere to an Approved Quality Management System

Every Euromover member must adhere to an approved Quality Management system to ensure the same level of service no matter where you are in the world.

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